What Our Students Are Saying...

"Since the start of this class, I've had 15 new patients every week. Zero marketing. Only 10 this week and that's only because I don't have more space."

Dr. Jeremiah Mosher
Chiropractor, Italy

"Patient with a loooong history of emotional trauma and as a result physical aches and pains. I've adjusted her 2 times with zones and now she is 99% better! This is the best I’ve felt in years."

Dr. Michael Hecker
Jensen Health and Energy Center

"I no longer use supplementation, lab tests or at home neurological exercises. I have been getting far better results and have attracted more complex patients who I have been able to help."

Dr. Nick Wirtz
Judah St Clinic

"After 22 years I was about to hang it up. Now, couldn’t see myself doing anything else. This stuff is powerful!"

Dr. Tommy Garrett
Garrett Chiropractic

"What I am finding most remarkable is that the more confident I am that I can help, the more I am being presented with "unusual" (non back related) conditions. My clients are already referring loved ones and friends more than ever!"

Dr. Mike Murray
Karma Chiropractic

Why the Zone Technique?

Dr. Pete's results speak for themselves. While he gets incredible results with musculoskeletal cases, about 80% of his patients come to him for systemic health imbalances, most after they have tried and failed with medical doctors, other chiropractors, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.

Dr. Pete accomplishes this with only his hands, a flat bench and 2 minute zone adjustments.  He has never taken health insurance and his practice generates over $1000/hour.

Dr. Pete regularly has patients flying in to see him from all over the United States and the world.

How Dr. Pete Developed The Zone Technique

When most people think of chiropractic, they think of neck and back pain relief. Of course chiropractic is an excellent way to relieve neck and back pain, but this is only a fraction of what the original chiropractic is all about. The founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer, taught that altered nerve flow was the root cause of disease, and that misaligned spinal vertebrae negatively effect nerve flow. He taught that restoring the vertebrae to their proper alignment would restore health. Dr. Pete carries on this tradition.

Specifically, Dr. Pete's Zone Technique is built upon the principles of Palmer's real chiropractic, combined with the teachings of Dr. Thurman Fleet (1895-1983). Dr. Fleet created Zone Therapy in 1931. The healing results his patients achieved were unparalleled.

In the early 1990's, Dr. Pete began studying alongside several of Dr. Fleet's top students and created his Zone Technique. 

Since graduating chiropractic school, the phenomenal results have continued, leading to patients flying from all over the world to get adjusted by Dr. Pete. 


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